There’s nothing more exciting than breathing new life into a property. We provide building and construction services that can help you to improve your house, whether you’re looking to add value to your home or just want to make an old building liveable.

Maybe you want to build a balcony, or need help with your stone masonry. Or perhaps you’re exploring eco-friendly interior design approaches, such as lime plastering or sustainable insulation materials.

You might have a listed building that you want to modernise while taking into account restrictions and regulations. Perhaps you’re looking at a barn conversion, or simply want to restore original features in an old property.

At MUD we’re all about flexibility.  We can take a project from initial design drawings right through to getting planning permission to create your ideal home.

If you’re stretched for time we can manage the entire project for you. Or if you want to be involved, we’ll provide just the elements you need to help transform your property.

Find out more about us on our About page, or call 01275 269844 for a free consultation.

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