Extend in style

The Brief

Our client worked with our architect to create a large steel-framed, glazed extension to the rear of his property in order to create a large, more social kitchen with a wow factor where he could entertain and make use of the outside space and his amazing countryside views. He wanted a shiny, bold, modern kitchen with modern gadgets but that would sit well with a brand new Aga which was top on his list. Economic lighting and heating was important and the space needed to sit well with the neighbouring new bathroom, pantry and utility rooms.

The Solution

Our architect designed an extension that contained as much glazing as possible to really make the most of the views and the light. This included two ceiling light wells as well as the triple sliding doors and fixed panes. We propped the second floor and gable end of the house up and removed the downstairs walls before inserting the new steel frame. With all of the sliding doors open you really have the sense of being out in the fields and fresh air.

The new space was vast and needed some defined areas, so we utilised the
vertical steel column to provide a dividing line from the kitchen down to the more
social seating area. We also utilised the existing change in height from the original
floor level down to the new one to define the kitchen – adding in a curved step for
interest and following the theme through with the U-shaped island. The floor was
finished with honed limestone and the large area was broken up with a sunken
area of carpeting for underneath the seating to soften it. The highest gloss
was achieved with a painted and polished process for the furniture in bespoke colours to match the Aga and tie in the scheme with the striped carpet.

The stone worktops were kept light to keep plenty of light in the back of the
extension and the ceiling lights utilised LEDs to keep the lights bright, white
and economical. Underfloor heating was applied under the tiles to boost the
warmth in the room if required as the Aga gives out plenty of heat when switched on. The Aga was fitted with an AIMS system which is electronically controlled and
timed heat. This is much more efficient than the other fuel methods.

The island has a sink and tap, long stretches of worktop and a hob with
downdraft extractor so that nothing interfered with the views and everything
was accessible for cooking from one station. The sideboard where our client
makes his coffees had a separate sink for mugs, glasses and coffee machine
accessories to be rinsed and a handy worktop waste bin for the used coffee, tea
bags, etc, for the compost.

A section of tall units house the TV on view from the kitchen workstation and
the seating areas, some pull-out larders for overspill storage from the kitchen and
plenty of drawers with flexible use. This area also houses the controls for the Bang
& Olufsen audio system which was cleverly built into the ceiling and controlled from a panel on the central pier in the room.

Glass splashbacks matched to the colour of the Aga were installed for ease
of cleaning and reflection of the light, while LED lights in the shelves and in the
worktop for lighting up the bar seating and a colour changing LED in the glasslined drinks cabinet turn the room into a socialising/party place for special occasions.