Our Service

We offer a wide range of home design and build services. We have expertise in kitchen design and building construction and work with some of the best specialists in the UK to provide a superior comprehensive service covering all aspects of home improvement.

Step 1 – Do you need an architect?

If you have had drawings prepared, we can work from those or put you in touch with our in-house architect.

Step 2 – Do you need a structural engineer?

If your project involves structural work, we will use our engineer to prepare calculations and specification for  us to cost into your project.

Step 3 – Do you need planning permission?

Unless you already have it or don’t require it, our architect will take your project through the application process.  They are expert in overcoming any obstacles that may arise and making the process as speedy and painless as possible.

Step 4 – Building regulations

All of our work is built to the latest building regulation requirements.  Building regs drawings enable us to accurately cost larger projects and enable all parties the knowledge of a precisely specified list of materials and products.  We utilise an independent Building Regulations Control who visit throughout the project to certificate the completed works.  You will be supplied with copies of all certificates issued.

Step 5 – Do I need help with interior design?

If your project incorporates a new bathroom or kitchen, our designer will work with you to produce 3D cad design work that accurately replicates the finished rooms.  We will then source, supply and install all fixtures and fittings, bringing selections and samples to your home to make the process easier for you. (see our kitchens page for examples of our work).  We provide this service free of charge to help you to envisage spaces before committing to the fitting out.
If you need assistance with colours, soft furnishings, furniture  layouts and other rooms, we have an interior designer on hand who can help you to come up with unique designs for your space.  There will be a charge for this service.

Step 6 – Will my project be managed for me?

Yes!  Dominic will manage the project from scheduling through to completion.  We consider it “doing our job properly” to manage the work correctly and bring it in on time, so we don’t charge for managing our own tradesmen.  Dominic will be available to answer any questions you may have, inform you of progress and come to you with any decision making.


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